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FTC Comedy Presents: Andrew Ginsburg

December 13, 2019
7:45 pm
Fairfield Theatre Company

Mark your calendars for Friday the 13th when Andrew Ginsburg headlines a night of comedy at Fairfield Theatre Company. The show will also feature comics Dan Rice, Vince Phillips and Nick Scopoletti.

Andrew Ginsburg is a comedian and author of "Pumping Irony: How to Build Muscle, Lose Weight and Have the Last Laugh."

He has appeared on Saturday Night Live and has recorded four comedy albums. You may have also heard Andrew on multiple Sirius XM shows, seen him on The View  or read his work in The New York Times, New York Post, Huffington Post.

Grab tickets today at the FTC Box Office or at

Fairfield Theatre Company

70 Sanford St, Fairfield, CT, 06824
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