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Keeping Live Theatre Alive!-Virtual Event @ Seven Angels Theatre

March 16, 2021
7:00 pm
Seven Angels Theatre

Celebrity Reads! SEVEN ANGELS THEATRE ANNOUNCES STAR FILLED VIRTUAL EVENTS- Part 7 is here! Starts March 16. With …Judith Light, Tucker Smallwood, Ray Abruzzo, Bruce Davison, Jill Eikenberry  and Stacy Keach. Click for Videos Seven Angels Theatre in Waterbury, CT is offering   six well-known actors reading some of their own original stories featured in short videos. Seven Angels Theatre is part of the #theatre5alliance, a group that was recently formed to promote live theatre during the Covid-19 pandemic and to keep it thriving. The alliance is comprised of the Berkshire Playwrights Lab, Durango PlayFest, the Laguna Playhouse, the New Jersey Repertory Company and Seven Angels Theatre. Like similar groups nationwide, each of these organizations canceled their summer and fall performances due to the corona virus pandemic. The alliance will harness the writing talents of dozens of well-known screen and stage actors to create original vignettes of three to ten minutes each. The project is the brainchild of actor Dan Lauria (The Wonder Years, Lombardi), who called upon friends in the industry to create videos of themselves reading works they’ve written under the banner “Keeping Live Theatre Alive.” He has brought in Filmmaker Jeremy Fletcher to edit individual videos of the actors and alliance members will be making them available on their websites starting August 29, 2020. Lauria is a longstanding supporter of local theater and of the alliance members. “Every sector in society has been impacted negatively by COVID-19, including theaters,” Lauria said. “I wanted to raise awareness of the plight of these organizations while celebrating how actors are keeping their creative juices flowing.” Actors committed to the project so far include: Kim Brockington, Bryan Cranston, Bruce Davidson, Andre De Shields, Judd Hirsch, Stacy Keach, Dan Lauria, John Larroquette, Judith Light, Hal Linden, John Lithgow, Jodi Long, Priscilla Lopez, Wendie Malick, Joe Mantegna, Carolyn McCormick, Patty McCormack, Laurie Metcalf, Alfred Molina, Ed O’Neill, Lou Diamond Phillips, James Pickens Jr, Stephen Root, Tony Shalhoub, Charles Shaughnessy, Peter Scolari, Joe Spano, Chris Sullivan, Reno Wilson, Henry Winkler, and Robert Wuhl. The content will available by going to a link on the Seven Angels Theatre website. Each performance will be approximately 30 minutes each, and they will be FREE. Other shows will scheduled. Please Donate! Click  For Videos!


Seven Angels Theatre

1 Plank Road, Waterbury, CT

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